2 – WorldWebs – Start A Community Today!!



This is the heart of the platform.   Forums have been around since the dawn of the internet.  And for good reason – it’s a great way to categorize and organize your discussions.


Keep track of dates of meetings, events, special occasions, assignments, birthdays, meeting or anything else pertaining to your community.


Keep track of community members and other people your community needs info on in a easy to find categorized directory.


Have any files that your group needs access to?  Organize and categorize them in one central location!


Public or Private

Content on public communities are visible by anyone who has a link to it.  Content on private communities can only be viewed by users who have joined the community and have been approved by the owner.

Real Name or Username

Sometimes communities are best with anonymous usernames – while some other are best with real names – it’s up to you!

Your Logo and Colors

Make the look and feel of your community similar to your website.  Or just use your favorite colors.

Progressive Web App

When you add your URL to your homescreen – it functions as a progressive web app.  You’re always one click away from your community.