About Us

Where we started

Maplewood Online

In 1997, Maplewood Online was started.  At the time, most of the town communities were static, fact based sites.  We felt that there was a need for more interaction in a local website.

The Forum

Here’s a glimpse of the forum in 1998:

The Homepage

We actually started as a directory of WorldWebs.com – here’s a shot of our homepage in 1998.

We even took some aerial photography – pre-Google Earth.

WorldWebs Classifieds

Business Directory

Provide a free directory for local businesses.  You can add businesses yourself or approve businesses who have submitted their info.

Job Market

User from all over the state use us to find a babysitter, nanny, house cleaner and much more,

For Sale

Need to sell something?  Or post a Garage Sale – do it here!

Real Estate

Great place to promote a house for sale or rental.

New Jersey Communities

All the modules you need to start a vibrant community.

Where it all started

You’re not starting out on your own – you’re part of a larger network.


Make money off of onsite advertising.  You determine the rates.


Brainstorm with other town community owners and at the same time – help to improve and request new features to our platform.